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"Act well your part; there all the honour lies"

Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man




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Black Dragon has gone from strength to strength since its inception, but we still need more members, particularly for backstage work, property creation, sound, lighting and special effects. If you have a talent you know would fit in with our organisation, or if you would like to develop a new talent in the world of theatre, we would love to hear from you. Please spread the word!


If you would like to join us, and make a whole new set of friends, come to our base in the Llangain Memorial Hall and find out more (see map above). Meetings and rehearsals take place every Monday at 7:30pm, and you are welcome to pop in without notice and enjoy a chat and a cuppa with us. We look forward to seeing you. You can also join us by completing the application form on the JOIN US page. Alternatively if you would like to just come along and see some of our performances, or take part in supporting events, keep your eye on this website. To get in touch with us, or if you have a specific question you would like answered, please go to our CONTACT page.

Originally launched in February 2013 by Sara and James Laws, 'The Black Dragon Theatre Company' was set up to bring traditional theatrical arts  to the villages of Llangain, Llansteffan and Llanybri. Sara and James had previously run another theatre company in Cross Hands for a number of years ('Break-A-Leg'), but with a planned house move to Llangain, and in chatting with members of ‘Llangain Players’ (who present annual pantomimes), Sara discovered a number of people who were interested in doing more theatrical work throughout the rest of the year, perhaps within an organised  theatre group.

About The Black Dragon Theatre Company


Situated near the bank of the River Tywi, the parish of Llangain extends from near Johnstown to Llansteffan in one direction, and from Llangynog down to the river in another direction, and the Black Dragon Theatre Company welcomes members from anywhere in and around the parish, including the nearby villages of Llansteffan, Llanybri and Llangynog, - or further afield! Llansteffan is situated right on the coast, on the western side of the River Tywi estuary and opposite the village of Ferryside. Llanybri, by contrast, is situated inland and on a hilltop, and is a sister  village to Llansteffan with approximately 400 inhabitants. Llangynog, about 8 miles west of Carmarthen, is a small rural community, but is spread across a large area with beautiful views and walks.

Although most of our activities take place in the Llangain Memorial Hall, we also use the halls in these other vilages from time to time. For more information about these halls please go to the Carmarthenshire Halls website on OUR FRIENDS page.

Pantydderwen pub

Pantydderwen pub in Llangain, home of some of our fund-raising activities!

The Black Dragon Theatre Company also has fundraising days which the whole family can enjoy, including quizzes (held regularly in local public houses), table-top and car boot sales, and other community activities.

Calling upon local talent and drawing from previous groups resources, the company was soon up and running. Rehearsals for their first production were soon underway: ‘Off The Hook’, a full-length comedy by Derek Benfield. A specially-designed, reusable set had to be constructed, costumes and wiggery were made, and a huge learning curve began for all.

Sara and James wanted to have a style of  ‘company’ (as in the old meaning of ‘troupe’), which would be like a second family, with everyone mucking in. They also wanted to stage non-musical productions, especially since most of the other theatrical groups in the Carmarthen area have a musical focus. The new company is also intended mainly for adults, since many of the other theatre groups already cater for children. Membership is therefore open to anyone over the age of 16, though younger (well-behaved!) children are still welcome if at least one of the parents is a member and can supervise them.


"The Waiting Room" was one of our more successful productions. See GALLERY page for photos